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At Signature Insurance Group we pride ourselves on our flexibility in regards to providing insurance policies. Our teams at our three locations in Longwood, Melbourne, & Venice, FL can walk you through the entire process, so you understand every aspect of your coverage. We offer an array of insurance solutions to fit each aspect of your life, including your home, vehicle, and life insurance. We are your insurance consultant who will identify exposures and offer tailored options to you.

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Personal Insurance Coverage Options


Homeowners insurance protects your property – both your house and things in it – from losses due to fire, wind, theft and a whole lot more. Homeowners Insurance also covers you for property damage or injury to others for which you or other family members may be held legally liable.
There are several standard parts of homeowner insurance coverage, but there are even more ways to customize home insurance policies to make sure you get maximum credits and the right insurance coverage for your Florida home. We can customize your home insurance policy for home business occupancies, special collections, important art or jewelry, and more.

Let one of the homeowner’s insurance agents at Signature Insurance Group assist you in tailoring a homeowners insurance policy that is right for you.


All Florida residents need to protect themselves should their car or truck be damaged or stolen. Even more important is insurance for liability – property damage or injury to others caused by you and other household members because of operating a motor vehicle. That’s where the value of an independent insurance agent comes in. We can help you sort out property damage, liability and other car insurance policy features like medical payment reimbursement and reimbursement for injury caused to you by an uninsured or inadequately insured driver.

There are many special situations where you may need to customize your policy; examples include installation of custom audio equipment, business use of your auto and teenage or guest drivers, to name a few.

Signature Insurance Group represents several top-rated car insurance companies so we can help you sort through your options and get you multiple auto insurance quotes, all right here in one place.

Some car insurance discounts available to you:

• Deductible
• Safe Driver
• Safety Equipment
• Homeowner Credit
• Safety Features


There are four primary types of life insurance, and each has a place in any sound financial plan.

The four variations of life insurance are:

Term Life Insurance – Fixed premiums for a fixed period, like 10 or 20 years
Whole Life Insurance – Permanent insurance, as long as premiums are paid, with fixed premiums and cash value benefits
Universal Life Insurance – Permanent insurance with options to change premiums and death benefits
Variable Life Insurance – Like Universal Life but with the flexibility to choose investment risks to maximize cash value benefit

Life insurance can be used for a variety of financial planning purposes, including:

• Paying for the education of children.
• Helping your spouse and surviving children maintain their lifestyles.
• To ensure the continuation of a business after the death of a key owner or employee.

Medicare Supplement

What’s Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)? A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy, sold by private companies, can help pay some of the health care costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.
Some Medigap policies also offer coverage for services that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, like medical care when you travel outside the U.S. If you have Original Medicare and you buy a Medigap policy, Medicare will pay its share of the Medicare-approved amount for covered health care costs. Then your Medigap policy pays its share.

A Medigap policy is different from a Medicare Advantage Plan. Those plans are ways to get Medicare benefits, while a Medigap policy only supplements your Original Medicare benefits.

8 things to know about Medigap policies

You must have Medicare Part A and Part B.

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can apply for a Medigap policy, but make sure you can leave the Medicare Advantage Plan before your Medigap policy begins.

You pay the private insurance company a monthly premium for your Medigap policy in addition to the monthly Part B premium that you pay to Medicare.

A Medigap policy only covers one person. If you and your spouse both want Medigap coverage, you’ll each have to buy separate policies.

You can buy a Medigap policy from any insurance company that’s licensed in your state to sell one.

Any standardized Medigap policy is guaranteed renewable even if you have health problems. This means the insurance company can’t cancel your Medigap policy as long as you pay the premium.

Some Medigap policies sold in the past cover prescription drugs, but Medigap policies sold after January 1, 2006, aren’t allowed to include prescription drug coverage. If you want prescription drug coverage, you can join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D).

It’s illegal for anyone to sell you a Medigap policy if you have a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plan.

Medigap policies don’t cover everything

Medigap policies generally don’t cover long-term care, vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, or private-duty nursing.

Insurance plans that aren’t Medigap

Some types of insurance aren’t Medigap plans, they include:
• Medicare Advantage Plans (like an HMO, PPO, or Private Fee-for-Service Plan)

• Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

• Medicaid

• Employer or union plans, including the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP)


• Veterans’ benefits

• Long-term care insurance policies

• Indian Health Service, Tribal, and Urban Indian Health plans

Dropping your entire Medigap policy (not just the drug coverage)

If you decide to drop your entire Medigap policy, you need to be careful about the timing. For example, you may want a completely different Medigap policy—not just your old Medigap policy without the prescription drug coverage. Or you might decide to switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers prescription drug coverage.

You have to pay a late enrollment penalty when you join a new Medicare drug plan if:

• You drop your entire Medigap policy, and the drug coverage wasn’t creditable prescription drug coverage, or
• You go 63 days or more in a row before your new Medicare drug coverage begins

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