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Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to help employees who become sick or injured while performing job duties. This coverage helps limit adverse consequences of workplace injury lawsuits that employees may file against employers. It also helps to protect an employer from suffering severe financial losses that could hurt their business.

Carrying workers’ comp insurance is required in almost every state, though the requirements of the coverage differ.

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

This type of personal insurance policy provides financial security should an employee sustain job-related injuries that result in an extended absence from work, or death. Work-related accidents could result in issues like broken bones, illness, pain, and immobility that can make performing specific job functions difficult or impossible. Getting your business covered by a workers’ compensation policy can help your employees avoid financial burdens that may accumulate during their recovery period.

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When does Workers’ Compensation Insurance apply?

It is important to note that this type of security policy is not a form of health insurance. Said policies will go into effect only if your employee sustained some type of job-induced injury or health malady directly related to working conditions, and the injury or illness is proven. Common workplace accidents include:

  • Falls
  • Overexertion brought on by actions like pulling and lifting heavy objects
  • Repetitive motion injuries induced by executing the same bodily movements for extended durations
  • Falling debris

Workers are not entitled to worker’s comp if the injury is a result of:

  • An illness or injury occurs while commuting to or from work
  • An injury occurs from horseplay at work
  • An illness or injury occurs while you are out for lunch
  • An illness or injury occurs as a result of drug or alcohol use
  • An injury occurs that only requires first aid treatment
  • An injury that is intentional

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation for Employers

Workers compensation benefits employers as well as employees. Workers’ Compensation insurance can benefit businesses and organizations by preventing expensive and lengthy litigation that may occur in the wake of employee-related injuries. It protects your business from going bankrupt in the event of an expensive settlement or lawsuit.

Workers’ compensation is an important form of insurance for employers and employees alike. If you’d like to protect your business and employees from costs associated with on-site injuries or illnesses, call SIG Insurance today. We’d be happy to recommend the right plan for you and your business!

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