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In certain cases, financial investments can ensure a more comfortable financial future. When you invest in bonds, you may expect a certain percentage of growth to be returned over a period of time. Bonds aren’t generally guaranteed, however–and even if they are, you could lose your investment if the bond issuer cannot pay. If you have invested in the correct kind of bonds insurance, your investments could be potentially recovered.

Signature Insurance Group works with bond insurers, also known as financial guarantors, and we’d be happy to discuss your options for financial guarantee insurance.

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What protection does bonds insurance provide?

Investments like bonds are made by people hoping to grow an investment and collect money at a later time. Bonds insurance protects investors from losing significant amounts of money on said investments that might occur for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Economic downturns
  • Poor financial management on the part of the bond issuer
  • Financial difficulties experienced by the bond providers
  • Malfeasance on the part of investment managers

In many instances, bonds would also be insured against default by an issuer. Therefore, should you invest in bonds insurance, you should receive the principal amount of funds originally invested returned, if the investor was unable to fulfill its financial obligation. In some cases, bonds insurers might even repay the interest collected on the investment, as well as the principal.

Mandated Disclosures for Bonds Insurance

Insurers that provide financial guarantee coverage are also typically mandated to disclose said guarantees in writing. Prior to entering an agreement and purchasing a policy, you should be informed of:

  • The exact terms of the arrangement
  • The specific issues that precipitate guaranteed repayment
  • The investment’s history
  • The maximum amount of financial coverage provided

Specific policies might include other specifics that must be disclosed before insurance can be provided.

Cost Of Bonds Insurance

Bond insurance quotes will often vary depending upon the size of the investment you are making. Not surprisingly, larger investments will yield more expensive insurance coverage. In many instances, insurance costs will be a percentage of the principal investment. That said, specific percentages will likely vary from provider to provider.

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Purchasing financial guarantee insurance may be an excellent method for you to protect future financial investments. If you are looking to purchase said coverage, SIG Insurance can help you determine if this insurance is right for your financial health. Our insurance brokers are available to schedule a consultation!

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